Meet Paris Power Networking partner Margot Esther Borden, psychotherapist, author and consultant. She is the founder of Integral Perspectives and her work as an international consultant consists of market research both internally, to identify the soul of the organization and align all levels and aspects of the organization to its highest unifying qualities and externally, with consumer groups.  She is the author of “Spirituality and Business“.

Meet Paris Power Networking partner Sanja Zjalic, international marketing professional with multi-layered experience in internet, fashion and interior design. Passionate about new technologies and internet Sanja is currently working as a business development and marketing strategies consultant. Sanja holds a Masters degree in Italian language and literature from Sorbonne University and the MBA in International Marketing from INSEEC business school in Paris.

Power Networking was founded by Fabien Bertault in April 2003 to promote community ties, facilitate business opportunities and empower professionals. Fabien moved from Paris to New York in 1996 to start his career on Wall Street and relocated with his family to Arizona following the events on September 11. Within a year of launching Power Networking and encouraged by the rising attendance at monthly meetings, Fabien created a guest speaker series that would inspire his members and provide valuable business advice. To date, Power Networking has featured influential business leaders such as Scott Kirby, President of US Airways; Bradley Casper, CEO of Henkel USA, Michael Crow, President of ASU and Albert Leffler, co-founder of Ticketmaster.

Today, Power Networking counts thriving groups in Phoenix, Chicago, San Diego, Denver and Paris with additional scheduled openings around the world. Meetings are held in luxurious settings and provide a unique forum for business leaders and entrepreneurs to connect both locally and globally.

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